The Gardens

Farleigh Wallop Garden Gate and Flint wall
Coade-stone whale and mermaid fountain sculpted by Phillip Thomason in the rose garden at Farleigh Wallop
Produce from Farleigh House kitchen gardens
statues and sculptures in the farleigh wallop gardens
Farleigh Wallop Estate & garden - avian sculptures by Diane Maclean and yew waves created by Andrew Woolley.
Statues and art in the gardens at Farleigh house
Some of the flowers in the Farleigh Wallop Gardens
The Farleigh Wallop rose garden
Glasshouse in Farleigh Wallop Garden
Kitchen Garden Farleigh Wallop
The lake at Farleigh Wallop
Cylindrically pruned Buxus sempervirens enclosing base of trees, Farleigh House,
Sculpture in the garden Farleigh Wallop
The lake at Farleigh Wallop estate
Farleigh Wallop Gardens
Walled Garden Farleigh Wallop
Walled Garden Farleigh Wallop
Cherry Blossom Farleigh Wallop
Avenue of trees Farleigh Wallop
The Pond Garden: Formal pool surrounded by hedge of Taxus Baccata. Sculpture of White
Farleigh Wallop views, the best of Hampshire gardens

Lovingly cultivated, curated and cared for over many years

The Farleigh House gardens are a continually changing place of contemplation and beauty, commissioned by Lord and Lady Portsmouth in 1992 from renowned garden designer Georgia Langton.

A three-acre walled garden is divided by yew hedges into formal ‘rooms’. An ornamental potager combines herbaceous borders with vegetable beds which, with the cuttings garden, supply the house with flowers throughout the year.

The kitchen garden is lovingly tended all year, and provides fresh produce for the house, where it is prepared for the lunches and dinners that our guests enjoy.

In the elegant glasshouse, a riot of rainbow colours and interwoven vines, the air is heavy with the scent of flowers from faraway lands.

The classic English style of the rose garden creates a pleasing contrast with the contemporary wild rose and sculpture garden. A ha-ha at the end of the croquet lawn leads the eye from the gardens to the parkland, fields and woods beyond.

A serpentine walk garlanded with fragrant shrubs finishes at a sculpture pond that evokes the serenity of Japanese ornamental gardens. Beyond this lie wrought-iron gates that open onto a lake, home to koi carp and golden orfe. Moored by the jetty is a boat (Leaky) perfect for gently sculling around the lake’s central island.

All these elements combine to create these outstanding Hampshire gardens.